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How to Submit Content for Posting on this Website

Our basic objective: to provide information for Scouts, their parents, and Scouters so as to improve the enjoyment of Scouting by those in our district and have a more successful district.

Given our objective, helpful information online and in emails is key. As such, anything that is distributed electronically should follow the same basic information five W philosophy as newspaper articles: what, when, where, why, and who. Consequently, all content submitted should contain this minimum amount of information.

Please remember that people can be easily confused when given incomplete information. Incomplete information is more confusing than helpful for most people.The 5 Ws for Article Submissions

  • What happened or is going to happen?
  • When did it take place or will it take place?
  • Where did it take place or will it take place?
  • Who is it about or who should be participating?
  • Why did it happen or is it important for its audience?

Every submission must answer these questions before it will be posted online. Given they way that the web works, the information does not have to appear online in the same place. One part of the information can have a link that takes the readers to another page that answers the other questions. As an example: a promotional image to be placed on the home page when clicked links to a page with additional information.

Sometimes we may not have all of the information because it has not yet been determined, such as the location for an event. In that case, the answer to the question will be TBD (to be determined).
Information will be posted ONLY if all five of these questions are answered.

Examples of things that will not be posted without complete information are:

  • A request that says something like, "Put something on the website about the XYZ event. You know what it should say." -- No, we don't know what it should say.
  • A form without a text explanation to explain the link to the form.
  • A web link without a text explanation to be placed that explains what the person will find when they click on the link.
  • An image without at least an Alt Text label for the image and either a text block that links into the image or a text block that people will see if they click on the image
  • Information about an event without enough information to create a MyScoutLink event object.

Methods of Submission

Text – Text should be in a HTML file, a MS Word DOC or DOCX file, or a plain TXT file. Do NOT send PDF files except for forms to be downloaded and filled out. Also, do not, as in never, use underllining or underscores in anything submitted except for hypertext links to other webpages. See Butterick's Practical Typography's comments on underlining that explains why not to use underlining for emphasis.

Images – images should each be in separate JPG or PNG files. The larger the file size in terms of pixel width/height, the better.

Events – Either completely create an event instance online within MyScoutLink or provide all of the information needed in a text file.

Verbal Requests -- Don't even think about it. We can only work on written requests submitted via email.

Send all submissions via email to:

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