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First, all information you provide to us will be kept confidentional. We will not sell or give this information to anyone outside of our Circle Ten Council.

The Required Fields provide information to us that allows us to send notices to you in which you will be interested by eliminate those emails that do not relate to you.

The Optional Fields will end up saving you time in the future. You will be able to register for events and activities through this website and the emails we send to you. If we have this information, we don't have to request from you again. However, if we don't have it, you'll be asked for it every time you register for something. Given that you will need to give this information to us in the future, giving it to us now will save you time.

Moblle phone number and carrier -- This is some of the most useful information for you that you can provide to us. First, when you provide this information to us, we will send you one SMS text mesage to your cell phone. This will request that you give us permission to send futue text messages to your phone. You merely have to reply to the message. If you do not reply, we will not send any further text messages. However, if you give us permission, there are only two things for which we plan on using this information: (2) a reminder message two hours before an event for which you have already registered to attend and (2) an emergency notice of an event cancellation or change of venue. We don't want to see anyone driving up to Camp James Ray only to find the campout had be cancelled 6 hours before.

So, help us help you. Please provide the information we request so that we can make the experience of Scouts, Scouters, and parents optimal.

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