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2018 Camporee WIND

April 13-15, 2018
Camp Constantine

Makade Aki Order of the Arrow

When: Friday night troops check-in 7 pm -10 pm / Check out Sunday 11 am

Where: Camp Constantine

Why: Compete for District EAGLE TROPHY! Will Troop 835 take it home again? Plus, it will be fun.

Fees: $20 per scout/ $15 per Adult / $10 per staff (OA & Adult)

How: Patrols (6-8 scouts) will compete using their outdoor survival skills, knowledge, and team strengths to accomplish their assigned mission. Adult volunteers will observe, mentor and ensure safety. 

Communnity Dinner: Join us in the Dining Hall for dinner Saturday evening. 

Scoutmaster Dessert Cookoff: Saturday evening before call-out we will join at the pavilion for the 3rd Annual Scoutmaster Dessert Cookoff. Bring your bowl and spoon.

CALLOUT: Makade Aki will have their annual ceremonial call-out. Please make sure your Troop has conducted elections. Contact Kip Lankenau, OA Adviser to make election arrangements. Call-out in ceremonial garb, at night, with FIRE. Like they used to be.

Makade Aki Chapter:
Dominic Cinshke Chapter Chief
Steve Kaualoku, Assnt Chapter Adviser, 214-554-0752
Kip Lankenau, Chapter Adviser, 214-498-0531

Staff Meetings REQUIRED by Troop OA Representative. 2nd Tuesday month beginning in January.