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2017 Camporee FIRE

March 31-April 2, 2017
Camp Meisenbach, Clements Scout Ranch

Makade Aki Order of the Arrow

Build fire, make fire, carry fire, put out fire, set fire, fly fire.

Get Ready, Set, FIRE. One, two, three, FIRE.

Think Boy Scout Skills mashed with FIRE.


When: Friday night troops check-in 7 pm -10 pm / Check out Sunday 11 am

Where: Camp Meisenbach, Clements Scout Camp, Athens, TX

Why: Compete for District EAGLE TROPHY! Will Troop 125 take it home again? Plus, it will be fun.

How: Patrols (6-8 scouts) will compete using their outdoor survival skills, knowledge, and team strengths to accomplish their assigned mission. Adult volunteers will observe, mentor and ensure safety. [Select team of secret judges will determine winners].

Scoutmaster Dessert Cookoff: Saturday evening before call-out we will join at the pavilion for the 3rd Annual Scoutmaster Dessert Cookoff. Bring your bowl and spoon.

CALLOUT: Makade Aki will have their annual ceremonial call-out. Please make sure your Troop has conducted elections. Contact Kip Lankenau, OA Adviser to make election arrangements. Call-out in ceremonial garb, at night, with FIRE. Like they used to be.

Makade Aki Chapter:
Dominic Cinshke Chapter Chief
Steve Kaualoku, Assnt Chapter Adviser, 214-554-0752
Kip Lankenau, Chapter Adviser, 214-498-0531

Staff Meetings REQUIRED by Troop OA Arrowmen. 2nd Tuesday month beginning in January.